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that this teenager was murdered by a man she met through the popular social networking website. jackie bensen live at d.c. police head quart wers more on how the man she arranged to meet was wanted by police already. jackie? >> reporter: i sat with her father this afternoon. he had his iphone in his hand and was staring at it. he was telling me he just couldn't understand how an app on a phone could have played a role in his daughter's murder. >> i was just trying to download to figure out what it was. i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: shawn lee is talking about hearing from detectives that his beautiful and beloved daughter, 18, met the man suspected of killing her through an iphone app called tagged. >> she didn't know. >> reporter: tagged is an app designed for teens that lets people text each owe other via the internet. it encourages people to connect with similar interests in a short time. with 80 million registered users, it is heard largest social networking website. it is also the suggest of a number of internet warnings. her grandmother believes siobhan made a lapse in judgment 18-y
. [♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: all right. jim, okay. all right. >> really? >> stephanie: see jacki what he did there? he brought a costume. >> i'm pretty sure food poisoning is not contagious. >> stephanie: i'm almost certain it is not ebola. >> it's food poisoning. >> it sounds like nora virus. >> it's food poisoning. >> stephanie: the good news is i think i'm back in those 25 jeans. >> i haven't been in 25 since second grade. >> stephanie: oh, please teeny tiny. here she is jacki schechner. >> ghment, everybody. president obama traveling to las vegas today to unveil his plans for comprehensive immigration reform. democratic senator schumer, and others worked for the republicans and democrats worked to carve out a brood set of principles. the second prong would be changing our immigration system so as so improve our economy. and the fourth part of the plan would be setting up is better system for the workers. >> to create a system to bring them forward. allow them to settle their debt to society. >> the expected to praise the blueprint but advocate a faster path to citiz
maravillosos. >>> y es precisamente lo que experimentan jackie guerrido en los Ängeles. >>> gracias compañeras, igualmente para ustedes, feliz inicio de semana y amigos, vengo con grandes cambios en cuanto a temperaturas se refiere. empezamos hoy el lunes con temperaturas bastante agradables esta noche, ustedes en houston van a sentir 66 grados y no sin experimentar 77 grados. notamos todo el sureste, temperaturas en atlanta en rango de 60 grados. esta misma masa de aire agradable, se desplazara hasta el noreste, en new york, en noroeste de pensilvania, hasta dc boston condiciones heladas. y lluvias y hielo que provoca problemas en las carreteras. al mismo tiempo retraso en los aeropuertos. en california con condiciones estables, vigilamos una fuerte tormenta invernal que depositara un pie sobre aspen colorado. se mueve para mañana, todo el este de texas. lousiana, en mississippi, hasta el sur de illinois. tiene que estar al pendiente, esta tormenta no descarta la posibilidad que se pueda desarrollar uno que otro tornado. mientras tanto señores, estos son los retrasos de los aeropuertos en e
maravillosos. >>> sÍ, eso experimenta jackie guerrido en los Ángeles, feliz comienzo de semana. >>> gracias compaÑeras, igualmente para ustedes, feliz inicio de semana, y vengo con cambios en temperaturas que se refieren, asÍ empezamos el lunes, con temperaturas bastante agradables, en esta noche, en houston, 66 grados, pero no sin antes experimentar 77 grados, en atlanta en el rango de 60 grados, esta misma masa de aire muy agradable, se desplaza al noreste, en nueva york, en el oeste de pensilvania hasta boston condiciones heladas, por aquÍ tenemos lluvia y hielo, lo que provoca problemas en las carreteras, retrasos en aeropuertos y en california concondiciones estables. estamos vigilando una fuerte tormenta invernal, que depositarÁ un pie en aspen colorado, se mauve al este de texas, louisiana, mississippi y al sur de illinois, pendiente, esta tormen ta no descarta la posibilidad que se desarrolle uno que otro tornado, y mientrastanto seÑores retrasos en aeropuertos en washington d c, y nueva york, debido a condiciones invernales. patrÓn de lluvias que en 36 horas persisten similar
. >>> cnbc's jackie deangelis has that story and more. >> good morning eun. a federal judge will rule today whether to approve bp's deal to plead guilty to manslaughter and other charges in the gulf oil spill. bp would pay a record $4 billion in criminal fines. before issuing her ruling, a judge will hear from relatives of the 11 workers who were killed when the deep water horizon rig exploded. bp agreed in november to plead guilty to charges related to the deaths adds for lying to congress. meantime, many americans may be keeping up the 9:00 to 5:00 grind for years to come. ameritrade found the average baby boomer is half a million dollars short on retirement savings. three quarters of boomers have to rely heavily on social security in their golden years and last week census date showed that more people are putting retirement off. they're continuing to work past the age of 65 because they need the extra money. eun, back to you. >>> jackie, thank you. >>> closing arguments begin today in the trial for an anne arundel county executive acute cuesed of misconduct. he's also accused of misusing
are closing. jackie deangelis is there for us. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. gold prices looking to snap a four-day losing streak, around the 1660 mark. supporting today's gains, durable goods figures, also hopes in the likelihood the fed will keep its easy money going. rbc adding thousands of contracts of 1700 strike puts were in the money, we saw short covering this morning, realigning of portfolios. you also have a weaker dollar today. that particularly is supportive of gold prices chbl the rest of the metals we're seeing strength in copper, manufacturing data out of china and also growth out of china as well. but traders are cautious as they are waiting for this fed meeting to take place. also adding to the caution is some of the mixed economic reports we got today, also friday's jobs report. meantime there is also the issue of how well the metals markets are supplied. it appears a consensus is that there is supply and demand balance right now. we could stay range bound for a while. back to you, sue. >> thanks, jackie. to the bond market. rick santelli tracking at the
a los angeles con jackie garrido. >> la naturalezleza da mucho a hablar la madare naturaleza s u sigue haciendo de las suyas y si usted es residente del sur , por aquÍ tenemos gran riesco hasta e el este de texas de condiciÓnes peligrosas , etste mismo panoraa se desplaza al suresete del p s paÍpa paÍs, un panorama bastqantant l complicado ahora tenemos al norte de dallas fuertes vientes las baja humedad h hasta chicago tenemos condiciÓnes muy pelig s peligrospeligro peligrosas y no se descartan r tornados , el sol muesrraa co i condiciÓnes estavblesbles pero e esta actividad se desplaza al s este, continua la actividad de n nieve en el noreste del paÍso, l termometro vuelve a descender a los 50 grados , el termometro o como una mÁxima estuvo marcando 32 al norte 88 grados tenemos a masa de aire calida pero no va a durar mucho tiempo esamotamos l hablandoo de 24 horas con tem r temperatura agradables , es todo de mi parte conti8nunuamos con de primer impacto. >> la salud empieza aquÍ y la salud de obamacare va a benefi i beneficiar a un momuchos hisp u que no
jack and jackie harbaugh be? the odds of becoming a head coach in the nfl in the first place, address. then two sons that both become nfl head coaches and square off against each other in the super bowl. tomorrow is media day, we'll be all over that. until then, reporting live from outside the super bowl in new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> i guess that means you better get a little rest, joe. we're coming back with the second half of sports. the golden state warriors have a big man back. tell you about it when we come back. >>> warriors so far getting good, and getting better. now if they could stay healthy. the big man is back. andrew bogut. first sim since november 7. they go to him early. david lee passing to him for a dunk. then seth curry for another slam. he looked good. 52-52 at halftime. 3rd quarter, it's ed davis, and it is curry who tweaks his ankle, jarrett jack, with 14 off the bench. then the coup de grace. put it down. feeding harrison barnes the rookie. they go to cleveland tuesday night. >>> tiger woods was smiling early. had a big huge lead, but it shr
:00," jackie bensen will have more on how this website is becoming increasingly popular. plus a look at the dangers of it can pose. >>> out of date and badly broken and everyone knows it. here's how president obama just described the nation's immigration system before laying out his vision for how to fix it. leanne gregg is live in las vegas where the president just wrapped up his remarks. >> reporter: president obama called important quick passage of immigration reform. he was optimistic saying important first time in many years republicans and democrats seem ready to tackle this problem together. he said if congress doesn't act in a i'mly manner he will push for his own legislation. his plan outlined today provides a path to citizenship. undocumented immigrants would have to register with the practical government, pay pines and taxes, and undergo background checks. but first, increased border security would have to be proven before any reforms take effect. >> thank you. the reason i came here today is because of a challenge where the differences are dwindling. where broad consensus
was killed last week by man she met through the site. news4's jackie bensen talked to the victim's family and expert explains why these sites can be so dangerous. >> i was just trying to download to figure out what it was. i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: sean she talking about hearing from detectives that his beautiful and beloved daughter, 18, met the man suspected of killing her through an iphone app called tagged. >> honestly, she didn't know. >> reporter: tagged is an app originally designed for teens that lets users text each other via the internet. it encourages people to connect or tag lots of people with similar interests in a short time. it claims 80 million registered users which would make it one of the largest social networking, sites. it is also subject of a number of internet warnings. her grandmother believes a lapse of judgment. she was found shot to death near 5th and mickol son streets north west last provide morning. her murder plunged her family into a nightmare of pain. >> this is a bad thing. this is a bad thing. it should be controlled. it should not be some
, jack and jackie harbaugh, the parents of john and jim, married for 51 years, will have their own press conference so we can fin out where they are watching the game, who they are rooting for, who they are rooting against, how do they hanel having both sons in the big game? all of the questions answered tomorrow during their press conference. and on friday, the harbaugh brothers will have a joint press conference. >> i'm telling you right now, if i were one of the parents, i would be wearing a big hat, hiding behind a big foam one. the cameras will be on their faces the whole time. thank you, carlos. >> fantastic harbaugh impressions, i have to say. >> the super bro, i like that. >> first one at media day at 5:00 a.m. it's media day! carlos by himself in that room. >> good stuff. thank you, christine. we'll check back in with you later. >>> the big story, today is the day president obama kicks off the tour to push the plan to overhaul him grags, on the heels of the new senate plan. >> the senate plan, introduces a path to citizenship after the borders are secure, and after that, undocum
other, two head coaches will face each other and the story's become so big, carol, their parents, jackie and john, will be holding their own press conference tomorrow and john and jim will be holding their own press conference together on friday. so it is certainly a family affair here in new orleans and a topic a lot of people want to know a lot about. we're wondering where are jackie and jack going to sit during the super bowl, we'll find that out as well as many things about the harbaughs later on. >> if they sit there with the other fans, the cameras will be on them all the time and they have to keep their faces impassive. that would be so hard. joe carter, thanks so much. >>> a ravens superfan has won a trip to the super bowl thanks to this performance. >> ahhh! >> no, no! >> even the dog was confused. keith letorneau went absolutely crazy after the ravens beat denver in the playoffs, his wife, rachel, caught his hysterics on camera phone and posted it on youtube. the video went viral leading to representatives from a credit card company visiting the letorneau home. >> two hats for
you actually have a press conference for the parents. jack and jackie harbaugh married 51 years, they're going to have their own press conference on wednesday and then a joint press conference with the two coaches together john and jim on friday. that's your harbaugh week planned out. >> i've been doing a little reading on football and i have found the ravens and 49 rgs are both undefeated in the super bowl and the 49ers are going for a record-tying sixth win at the super bowl. one of these teams is going to go home very, very upset. having said that, who has the edge? >> reporter: right now the ravens are a 3.5-point favorite but the game could go either way. everyone's talking the ravens. but in the playoffs the ravens are averaging 31 points in the playoffs. the san francisco 49ers with colin kaepernick as their high-energy quarterback, they have an explosive offense. they all say defense is the key but this could be a big offensive battle and right now 3.5 points, it's really one of those things, the 49ers are actually favored. it's one of those things where you could have an expl
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)